The goal of this workshop is to help faculty and graduate students develop research projects in which they make credible causal inferences to answer substantive research questions.

Members are expected to present work that proposes or includes a credible identification strategy (such as a randomized experiment, a natural experiment, or quasi-experimental setup).

Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a working paper or even a design that fits this criterion; that’s what we’re all here to help each other with! This works best when we discuss work from its very early stages and help as you proceed from idea to design to paper.

Presentations take one of three forms:

  1. a problem statement, from which we will brainstorm possible research designs and identification strategies together;
  2. a research design, in which you describe your research question and detail your strategy to answer it including the population of interest, your sampling strategy, your identification strategy (or experimental assignment procedure), your estimation procedure, and ethical concerns and how you address them;
  3. a working paper.

The requirements for participants include:

  1. Presenting at least once a year;
  2. Writing constructive comments and submitting them on time (by Monday at 12pm);
  3. Writing a follow up note to the group after presenting outlining your take-aways from feedback and next steps in the project.

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Winter-Spring 2017 Schedule

Date Week Session 1 Session 2
Winter 10-Jan 1
17-Jan 2 Eugenia Nazrullaeva PS Tyler Reny RD
24-Jan 3 Graeme Blair WP
Feng Yang PS
31-Jan 4 Bryan Wilcox PS Aaron Rudkin PS
7-Feb 5 Maxim Ananyev WP Yuree Noh PS
14-Feb 6 Manoel Gehrke + Fernando Mello PS
Francesca Parente PS
21-Feb 7 Job market session Adam Boche PS
28-Feb 8 Chad Hazlett WP Anton Sobolev PS
7-Mar 9 Chao-Yo Cheng RD
Ashley Blum PS
14-Mar 10 Dan Posner RD MPSA practice
21-Mar Finals week MPSA practice MPSA practice
Spring 4-Apr 1 Cesar Martinez PS
Marcel Roman PS
11-Apr 2 Francesca Parente PS
Chad Hazlett WP
18-Apr 3 Yuree Noh PS
Bryan Wilcox PS
25-Apr 4 Anton Sobolev RD
Manoel Gehrke PS
2-May 5 Feng Yang PS
Erin Hartman RD
9-May 6 Ethan Christensen PS
Anton Sobolev PS
16-May 7 Marcel Roman PS
Fernando Mello PS
23-May 8 Carolyn Steinle PS
Tye Rush + Marcel Roman PS
30-May 9 Valerie Wirtschafter PS Eugenia Nazrullaeva PS
6-Jun 10 Bryan Wilcox PS Cesar Martinez PS
13-Jun Finals week Tye Rush PS Chao-yo Cheng PS